Reconnect With Your Superpowers And Find Meaning In Challenges

Hey, I’m Tanya. A business coach and BaZi consultant dedicated to helping you reconnect with your superpowers and find meaning in challenges. I’m trained and certified on comprehensive coaching course accredited by two international coaching associations: ICF (International Coaching Federation) & EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) and I’m using BaZi as a tool to empower people to find ways how to leverage on their strengths, gifts and talents and to take path of least resistance in reaching their goals.

What is your unique gift that you want to share with the world?

Leave your mark as a special and magnificent human being.

Luminary coaching method is a unique system combining ancient BaZi insights with modern coaching approach making it an exclusive experience for the clients who want to deep dive into themselves and awaken their true potential. It is, above all, a customised experience, tailored for every individual…

How a Luminary Journey Looks Like:


I support you in addressing your anxieties, fears, doubts, your limiting beliefs and assumptions, so you can let them go and prepare to reach your goal.


I use BaZi profiling as a special support tool which helps you uncover your passion. To reconnect with, or remember, or find out what you really want. To see the dreams of how your future can be.


What actions you can take to get where you want?
You get more clarity about what you want to do with your new discoveries and passion.

About BaZi

Chinese Metaphysics system known as BaZi is rooted in the ancient knowledge about 5 elements in nature and their dynamics, and is originally known as Chinese Astrology. I graduated from BaZi at the Joey Yap Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, known as World’s #1 Authority in that field.

Based on your date and time of birth, BaZi enables clarity when it comes to your life potential…